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Politically Incorrect Social Responsibility

“ My real objection is that I don’t think political correctness works. I want to get to the Golden Hill, but I don’t think that’s the way to get there. I think one of the greatest human failings is to prefer to be right than to be effective, and political correctness is always obsessed with how right it is without thinking about how effective it might be. “

Stephen Fry

Not associated with PISR but speaks the fucking truth

In a time when polarization seems to be the default setting, PISR’s motley crew defies expectations. Liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, atheists, theists, humans, AI, and everyone in between—our diversity is our strength. This multifaceted team brings together varied perspectives and beliefs, unifying under the shared goal of advocating for unfiltered and genuine conversations.


So, why satire? We actually prefer sat-ire, as this type of humor often forces people to sit with their anger rather than react. In many ancient civilizations, the jester or the clown was the only one who could speak truth to the king without fear of retribution. They were the mirror that reflected the follies of society, using humor as a tool to challenge power and point out the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of their time. In the same spirit, PISR employs satire to address contemporary issues. It’s a medium that’s both entertaining and enlightening, serving as a clever vessel to convey critiques on societal conventions and political conundrums.

Welcome to Politically Incorrect Social Responsibility (PISR), where humor meets the hard-hitting truth and satire serves as our favorite weapon in the fight for freedom of thought, speech, and action. We believe that to effectively challenge societal norms and inspire change, we must first be able to laugh at ourselves and the absurdities of the world we live in.

In the maze of political correctness, many have lost their voice or have been silenced due to fear of backlash. We find that disturbing. The very essence of democracy thrives on diversity—not just of culture or background but of thought. Political correctness, when taken to the extreme, stymies free thinking and fosters an environment of intellectual conformity. That’s where PISR steps in, unearthing the humor in the seriousness, and giving a voice to the silenced.

However, our mission isn’t to offend for the sake of offense. That’s a misconception we often have to clarify. Instead, our aim is to spark dialogue. We challenge, we provoke, but most importantly, we invite engagement. Because a society that discusses, debates, and disagrees, without resorting to personal attacks or shutting down contrarian views, is a society that evolves.


Our content might occasionally make you uncomfortable. But it’s in that discomfort that reflection is birthed. We firmly believe that it’s only by challenging our own beliefs and perceptions that we can truly grow. With all the content we produce, our goal is to provide you with a fresh perspective—sometimes hilarious, sometimes shocking, but always thought-provoking.


The team at PISR is deeply passionate about creating content that resonates. We’ve seen firsthand the power of satire to effect change, to rally communities, and to catalyze action. We’re driven by the idea that our work can make a dent, however small, in the echo chambers that many find themselves trapped within.

Now, in an era where the cancel culture often prevails, standing up for the value of free speech has become more crucial than ever. We won’t claim to have all the answers or assert that our viewpoint is the singular correct one. In fact, that’s the beauty of PISR. We are a conglomerate of dissenting voices, and that cacophony creates the rich tapestry of ideas that we present to our audience.

We invite you to dive into our content, challenge your own assumptions, and join in the dialogue. Whether you agree or disagree with what we present, we value your perspective and encourage an open exchange of ideas.


In closing, PISR isn’t just a satire company; we’re a movement. We’re on a mission to rescue free thought from the jaws of stifled speech, one laugh at a time. And as we move forward, we promise to remain true to our name—politically incorrect, socially responsible, and unapologetically real.


So, fellow PISRs, thank you for joining us on this journey. Let’s laugh, think, and change the world together by spreading the word about our movement. Share our movement far and wide, for every new PISR added to our ranks is another valiant soul pissing on oppression and championing liberty.