Vision, Mission & Values

Politically Incorrect Social Responsibility



Everyone, everywhere, thinking critically, speaking freely, acting authentically, and laughing like you just watched Fergie try to sing the national anthem.


Revolutionize the normative constructs of benevolence, transforming it from being a product of political correctness to a more organic expression of individualism.



Humorous Engagement

We believe in the power of laughter to connect and create a platform for dialogue. Our humor will be politically incorrect and, at times, offensive. Our goal is not to upset anyone but to provoke thought and conversation. But if you get upset, we strongly advise you to seek a professional mental health evaluation because you might be insane.

Critical and Creative Thinking

We encourage our community to question the status quo, think critically, and explore innovative ideas. We aim to promote intellectual growth through our forums, technological features, and the ability to sit with our anger (sat-ire).

Freedom of Expression

We stand for open, unrestricted dialogue. We support a platform where people can express their views freely, even if they are unconventional or unpopular. In some cases, especially if they're unconventional or unpopular.

Inclusive Community

We value diversity in our community. Regardless of where we come from or what our experiences have been, we believe in fostering a space where all can find common ground, build each other up, and tear each other down with glee.


We urge our community to be genuine and honest with each other and with themselves. Our vision supports everyone acting in accordance with who they truly are, and we create a platform that encourages this. That also means some people's authentic self may result in your discomfort. Bish, deal with it!

Social Responsibility

We are committed to contributing positively and transparently to society. Through our shop, we ensure that part of our proceeds go to charitable causes, as we believe in the power of business as a force for good and a means for facilitating armchair activism.

Continuous Learning

We are all students of life. Through our resources in education and technology, we provide an engaging and fun environment for our community members to learn new skills from communication to business awareness and everything in between. And some of our EdTech courses are wrought with sexual innuendoes and pictures of boobies and dicks. What's not to love?!