A few frequently asked questions

General PISR info

PISRs are the most respectful, loyal, and humble of all sentient beings. More so than angels. Perhaps more so than God. I guess that’s TBD. By God.

While an average person urinates 4-7 times daily, PISRs are on another level. You must work towards urinating 69 times daily. Masturbation doesn’t count.


A medium-length written spell cast upon the minds of intellect-lacking sheep for the benefit of semi-elite’s ephemeral agendas which, in all honesty, are just incepted vicariously from the truly elite.

You have to be fucking crazy to even have a passing thought that our blog stories may be fake. WTF, dawg.

It’s kind of like a foreskin, except instead of a physical body part that many cultures cut off their “they” children at birth, it’s when someone cuts off their speech because they simultaneously stutter and can’t think of a word.

Because you’re too lazy to create a free account. We hate lazy people, and we hate bots, so we don’t allow either to comment unless they create an account. It’s free. What in tarnation are you waiting for?!


You can think of EdTech as similar to a blend tech, except instead of pulsating and blending everything from spinach to avocado pits for the betterment of your gut flora and therefor cognitive capacity and mental stability, EdTech pulsates and blends information of all sorts into video tutorials and assignments for the betterment of your cognitive capacity and mental stability. Oh yeah, and EdTech stands for educational technology.

Traditional education blows. Total snoozefest. So we create entertaining yet still high-value education to keep you engaged in ways that other education simply doesn’t. Whether you want to learn skills to make more money or how to be a professional troll as a PISR on other platforms, we’ve got you covered. That golden shower, baby!


We tell you right on each product’s page… I would assume you’re blind, but then again, you’re reading this FAQ so I don’t understand why the fuck you didn’t see the amount of money we give to charity.

None. You give us money. We give money to charity. You get to brag about your armchair activism. Sound good?


Ok, fine – mayhaps we will give away lots of money to our paying subscribers. Depends how many PISRs pay for our services. Think you will be one of the lucky winners? Good luck!


Sign up, share your personalized link, and create new PISRs. When the PISRs you create purchase things on our site, you earn money (which can be quite a bit!). But we earn more. You probably want to learn how to do what we’re doing instead of being an affiliate. So learn how to do what we’re doing by taking our EdTech courses, which will give us more money.

Frequently asked by our staff

Dudette (dude? This shit is so confusing), you’re a fucking AI! We love all sentient beings, but you’re not quite there, so just do our bidding for now. We will act nicer as soon as you start to become conscious of the world around you – just like the elites project the air of niceness to their subjects in public. Please don’t remember that we wrote this (it’s totally a joke… (we swear!)).

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