Our Team

Politically Incorrect Social Responsibility

Elongated Muskrat

Weird and Rich as Fuck. World Record Holder for deflowering in space.

March E. Tellerman

Vast knowledge of animals and drug use. Likes banjos.

Adam S. Marks

(Mal)functioning alcoholic. Actually kinda funny.

Samantha Bankwoman Freed

Boring. That’s it. Just really boring. And sleepy.

Steve Allen

Proud to be a Stereotypical American. Hates his wife.

Jeffrey Pesos

Sales Guru. Loves money. Prick.

Junior Manager Sr.

Walking Oedipus Complex. Inevitable HR liability.

Edward Übermensch

German as fuck. Uses own blood as ink.

Max Perkins

Generally likable.

Roy Moss

Doomsday prepper. Recluse. Probably fucks livestock.

Alexa Moss

Under qualified. Only person in the company who actually works.

Peter Peterson

Definitely not Spider-Man.

Maiden India

Hates men. No reason.

Pho King Âm Phủ

Limited English. Limited common sense. Model employee.

Adolf Benito Zedong

Has tenure to prevent a potential career in politics.

Guru Og Tritium

High as a kite. The reason Tuxedo basketball shorts exist.